Free Computer Advisor can save PC users hundreds of dollars—or more!

Discover a sea of free programs and common sense advice to keep you happier with your computer and keep it running better on less money.

Free Computer Advisor is loaded with detailed and illustrated step-by-step instructions showing how to find and use free alternatives to commercial software.

The pages of this website are dedicated to saving home users and small businesses on PC optimization, antivirus packages, office suites, and much more.

Replace Microsoft Office

Get Microsoft to protect your PC—for free!

Speed up your PC

Send free text messages from your desktop!

Create secure and easy-to-remember passwords

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If you have ever paid money for antivirus protection, Microsoft Office products, magic “fix-it-all” programs (“as seen on TV,”) the information on this site can help you keep a lot of money in your pocket.

If it’s any good, how can it be free?

That’s a valid question.

The Internet has made it possible for knowledgeable people to share their expertise with the rest of the planet. This includes those who know how to write computer programs. For various reasons they are ready to share their masterpieces with you. The Open Source Initiative helps fuel this trend.

The challenge is to sort through the vast pile of available options to find the best programs for your use.

For years "geeks" have known exactly where to find good free programs and quality technical advice. They avoid spending money on computer security, optimization, office software, and so much more.

These "secrets" are available all over the Internet. The problem is a lot of it is not written in a way most people find understandable. Technical jargon and other assumed user knowledge have built a wall which blocks the casual user from accessing this material.

Free Computer Advisor believes it is time to break down the barriers so everybody can use these free computer resources.

Want to Save $90 an Hour and a Week of Down Time?

It is expensive in time and money to have a computer serviced by a professional. But just like a car, following some simple maintenance steps can improve performance and keep your baby out of the shop.

One part of the Free Computer Advisor website is the free easy-to-follow step-by-step illustrated instructions to show you how to:

The other part is discovering the free programs and other resources you can use to replace expensive commercial software. Find out how you can legitimately replace (or avoid) common programs like:

Plus, the Internet is loaded with useful free utilities to get more productivity out of your PC. Learn what Open Source software is and how to apply it at home or at the office.

For example, one favorite of ours is the Audacity sound editor. With it you can convert your old records and tapes into a variety of modern digital formats. Or create your own ringtones. It is impossible to keep up with all the useful free things you can do with your computer—but we'll try!

Let's Start Simple

Free Computer Advisor is designed to help you set up your computer so the problems you encounter in the future are minimized. Information should be easy to find and relatively quick to implement.

One of the problems of looking for help online is the time you have to spend sifting through sites with mega-sized databases. It can be a real challenge to find a good answer for your specific situation. Just try to navigate through a forum-style website to find a quick answer to your question. Frustrating.

Free Computer Advisor won't give you a specific answer to a registry issue you're having with a Dell Inspiron 1200 running Windows XP Professional (SP3.) Rather, you'll learn how to install and use a free registry optimization program on any computer using Windows XP.

By following the step-by-step guides on this website you will build up an impressive array of useful (and free) programs you can use to make your computer run better/save money. Once you get past the "basics" there will be more articles added to help you find and use an extensive array of free applications.

What Are Your Favorite Free Applications? Got A Nagging Question?

Can you think of a resource which should be added to the Free Computer Advisor library of articles? Is there an ongoing frustration you have with your PC you can't find an answer for?

Share your story below to help others or to be helped!

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By Carl Gitchel

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Memory is cheap—failure to back up your system is costly. Stay tuned for details on how to use Clonezilla (yes, it's free) to make an exact copy of your hard drive; programs, documents, etc.

(Editor's note: Getting good screen captures for the Clonezilla article have been challenging—we'll post it as soon as we've worked it out!)


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